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Conrad Jestmore 
Conrad Jestmore 

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Conrad Jestmore has published short stories, poetry and non-fiction in numerous journals and anthologies. "River of Death" is his first novel. He has earned gainful employment as a welfare case worker in the mountains of California, an elevator operator when elevators still had them, a bartender, a paint warehouse stocker, a USO performer and a high school teacher. He is a Reiki Master, and currently teaches Reiki classes and heals both humans and animals in his central Kansas Reiki practice. 

River of Murder
Ebook Price: $2.99, 64190 words. Fiction by Conrad Jestmore on May 30, 2011 
Jimmy O'Reilly, ex-cop and failed P.I., returns to his small Kansas hometown on the Arkansas River to find peace, but instead finds a family friend murdered. Only problem, no one believes it is murder. As a reluctant investigator, O'Reilly stumbles on an international drug scheme, and in the process, has to face his demons from the past.

Kodak Black & White--A WWII Memoir
Ebook Price: Free! 1780 words. Non-Fiction by Conrad Jestmore on June 4, 2011
An adult remembers back to his childhood and the stories his father told him of World War II. In particular, one of them details how his father helped save his plane, crew and passengers in an intense storm off of a Japanese held island in the South Pacific.


Gooney Birds--A WWII/Viet Nam Memoir
Ebook Price: $0.99 USD. 1930 words. Non-Fiction by Conrad Jestmore on June 9, 2011
A young man on a USO tour performing for soldiers wounded in Viet Nam, thinks back to his childhood and remembers a story his father told him about flying a DC-3 in the South Pacific during World War II.

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