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Hazel Hart 
Hazel Hart 

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$2.99 Kindle eBook
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About The Authors:

Authors, Bonnie Myrick Eaton and Hazel Hart, have partnered up to produce a dramatic short story collection of dark fiction. Both authors are members of the Kansas Writers Association and the Kansas Author's Club.

Hazel Hart teaches English online for Butler  County Community College. She has won awards for her fiction and poetry from Writer's Journal, Byline, Kansas Voices, the Kansas Writers Association and the National Writers Club. Her work has been published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Unity, and several small literary magazines.

Bonnie Myrick's page

The Nancy Nolan Show:

Talk shows

Love them or hate them, they seep into our lives, playing in the background and affecting what we think and do. In her ten years as talk show host, Nancy Nolan has influenced the lives of thousands of guests, would-be guests, and viewers. Here are a few of their stories:  

  • A teenager tries desperately to be chosen as a guest in "Dear Nancy Nolan." 
  • An unwilling guest faces dredged-up emotions about her runaway mother in "The Green Room."  
  • A promiscuous mother is confronted with her lies in "My Baby's Daddy."  
  • A woman viewer tries to help a sexually-abused teenage employee escape her boss in "Confessions."  
  • A young mother learns what God can do in "Answered Prayers."  
  • A woman watches Nancy Nolan's show faithfully, hoping to be reunited with the parents who abandoned her as a child in "Amanda Marie." 

Dark Side of the Rainbow:

A collection of unforgettable short tales of dark fiction where--

A woman on the brink of madness plots evil revenge against local bully boys who killed her cats in "The Dark Side of the Rainbow."

A woman inherits an Egyptian mummy with instructions for activating its powers and making her every wish come true. Then she learns the mummy has desires of his own in "Kiss Mummy Goodnight."

A woman finds eternal love, the kind she never expected. Then her new lover buries her alive in "The Seduction."

A woman's search for her lost memory leads her down a dead-end road to a sinister old man in a barren pasture where she comes face to face with her destiny in "Erasure."

A woman attacked by a gigantic five-foot spider searches for answers to the strange changes in her body and uncovers covert government research gone wrong in "Lady In the Dark"

YouTube Video:

The Night before Christmas:

A suspense novel. Wes Myers seeks to save his three small daughters from the pagan beliefs of a sinful world. After promising Jesus he will do anything to save their souls, he hears, "If I should die before I wake…" and reaches for his rifle.