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  • Sony's Reader
    sold on the Sony site, at more than 40 Sony Stores, and at chains like Borders, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Sears in the U.S. as well as Best Buy Canada and Waterstone’s in the U.K. Current versions are the standard PRS-505 that retails for $299, and the newer PRS-700 which features a touch-screen keyboard and retails for $350. Special-edition Readers come in a few different colors.
  • Kindle
  • BeBook
    by Dutch company Endless Ideas will soon be available in three versions: the BeBook, the BeBook 2, and the BeBook mini. reported on the original BeBook release in May 2008, noting the device’s hefty $510 price tag and six-inch display. The soon-to-be released BeBook 2 features the additions of WiFi, 3G wireless capabilities, and touchscreen navigation, but will still cost about $500. The BeBook mini, possibly also due out this summer, will have a smaller (five-inch) display and no wireless capabilities but will run for a more affordable $270 or so. The big news for e-book buyers in Germany and France: Endless Ideas “is currently working with mobile operators in Germany and France in hopes of providing Kindle-like data access for on-the-go book downloads” in those countries.
  • Nook
    B&N Nook
  • iPad
    Apple iPad
  • Kobo